Thursday, October 20, 2011

My other two sweeties.

Looking back over my latest, sporadic, posts, I realized that this blog has become largely centered around Suzi.  The reason for that is two-fold:  1.  I'm with her a lot more than I am with the other two, now that they spend their days in school, and 2:  Three and a half is a hilarious age to document. 

But the other two continue to be awesome as well.  There may not be as many funny stories, but the sweet ones continue to pile up.  Like when Izzy's Papaw Mike gave him five dollars for getting straight A's on his report card last week (so did Sophie!), he took it and bought himself, his sisters, and his cousins all cake-pops to enjoy, while we were visiting the Harvest Festival. 

Or how when Izzy came home upset because the little boy who sits beside him stole his eraser with a smiley face on it, that he'd just won in classroom bingo, and the substitute teacher didn't believe him.  It was hard to see him not only struggling with having lost something he won, something he really liked, but to have a teacher not believe him and refuse to help, just about broke his heart.  Hearing about it broke Sophie's heart, too, and she reached into her book bag and offered Izzy one of her new pencils. 

They are growing up to be really good kids, and I'm awfully proud of them.  Even if I don't blog about it as often as I should, my heart swells daily because of their kindness.  I'm a lucky, LUCKY mama.

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