Friday, March 09, 2012

Hardy. Har. Har.

One of the highlights of mine and Suzi's day is when we sit down together to play The Sims.  Every time we have to have the characters be me and her.  Of course.  So today we were decorating our fabulous new mansion, when suddenly the mommy Sim began to show, prompting Suzi to say, "When mommies and daddies grow up they get babies in their bellies, right, mom?"

"Sometimes," I say, "But only mommies get babies in their bellies."

She thinks about this, then says, "Well, I'm never going to grow up."

That thought is horrifying, of course, so I tell her, "No, you have to promise me you'll grow up, okay?"

She smiles and says, "Cause when I'm a grown-up, I can yell at little children?" 

Natural born comedian, that one.

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