Monday, March 05, 2012

Not dead yet!

February 2012 will go down in my history as our sickest month EVER.  I hope so at least, because not a day went by when there wasn't at least two or three of us coughing and hacking.  Blech!  Probably still wouldn't have blogged - I've gotten terribly lazy about it lately - but maybe I would have posted the BEST blog EVER.  Maybe I would have posted about how when Sophie's been snoring due to her ever-lasting cold, how much it's irritated Suzi, who says, "Mommy, how come Sophie is snorking all the time now?!" 

Or maybe I would have posted about Sophie getting us all in an uproar because she told us someone pushed her on the bus, causing her to get a terrible bruise on her face...but when I inquired about it with her bus driver and he checked the tapes, he found her horsing around with a friend and head-butting her own self. 

Then again, maybe I would have just posted this, a sad pic of a sick little boy:

Nah, probably not since this was just taken yesterday.  But I totally would have posted these pics of my roller derby babies at their cousin Noah's birthday party:

That's my dad and Izzy in the bottom pic, Suzi above.  Don't know why I don't have any shots of Sophie, but that's because I was out there rolling away too.  Literally.  Spent a little time on my butt too.  But I didn't break a single thing....other than my pride, of course.

But here's to a better March.  And way cuter pics!  And maybe even a blog or two...but let's not get all crazy with huge expectations.  Maybe I should change my blog title to "Slacker Momma?"  *sigh*

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