Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's day festivities!

GROSS!!  This disgusting sight is what greeted my poor kids when they got up.  A leprechaun peed in their toilet...and left his droppings and a muddy footprint behind.

Then they followed the muddy footprints through the house....

And discovered that their trap was sprung!

But the lephrechaun was on to them, so rather than finding him and his pot of gold, they found a bunch of Hundred Grands.  The edible ones,unfortunately.
But all was not lost, for after they got decked out in green....

Their cousin Maddie (and her mom!) showed up in their finest greenery too!

We all went to a lovely Irish lunch at a local Irish pub where we were serenaded by live bagpipe music and posed with leprechauns. 

It was a very lucky St. Patrick's day indeed!

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