Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sophie-Bug!!

I know I say it every year for every one of you kids, but I mean it sincerely every time:  how can you be this old already??  SEVEN??  Impossible.  

You are still irrepresible.  Hard-headed, lovely, sweet, hot-headed, loving, and brilliant.  And I don't say a single one of those adjectives lightly.  You are intense in everything you do, and you hold everyone - yourself included - to very high standards.  More than once this year you cried because you didn't get 100% on a grade.  But you didn't do it very often for your grades are phenomenal.  You need to have 11 AR (reading) points by the end of the year.  You currently have 96.  You'll be reading this post on your own this year!  I am amazed by your drive and diligence.  Nothing is ever going to stop you, and if it tries, you will scream your head off about it until it gives up.

You also amaze us with your empathy and ability to read people.  You are so boisterous that most people miss the gentle nature you hide inside.  But you can not bear to see other people hurt...unless you're the one who has irritated them to the point of tears.

You are my child who asks the uncomfortable questions.  You ponder life and death, often to a point that worries me.  You can be a happy go-lucky-kid, and you often are, but you can also get a thought into your head that keeps you from enjoying your day.  You are a deep child, a thinker and a worrier.  A screamer and a crier.

A child that I love so very much.  A child that tests me to the extreme limits of my patience every single day.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.  But you are worth all of the angst you cause me, and much more.  You are a truly incredible kid.

I live for the love letters you give me.  You are showing glimmers of having the writer's gift, although you really want to be a singer instead.  I understand. I don't think either of us is destined for vocal fame, but I'm not fully convinced yet, and I hope you never are either.

Like most mothers, I just want you to be happy.  My silly, sweet, happy little girl.

My big girl.  My SEVEN year old.  When I think about how fast those seven years have flown by, I just want to grab you and squeeze you and never let you go.  And I never will, of course.  But you will.

And when you fly away, it will be AWESOME.  You amaze me every day with your mind, your lovely face, those green eyes that reflect your intense soul so clearly.

I hope you have a wonderful, happy birthday.  Even though you are, of course, planning for it to be the worst one ever.  Except for when you're planning for it be the best one ever.  But no matter what, I just hope you can feel how much I have loved being your mommy for the last seven years.  You are my sweetheart, and I love you, my sweet, sweet Sophie.  Happy Birthday!!!

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