Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Suzi-bug!!!

Last night, as I tucked you in and kissed you goodnight, I smoothed the hair back from your forehead and said, "This is the last night I'll kiss a little three-year old goodnight!"  You smiled sweetly and asked if you'd be a big girl tomorrow.  I assured you that you would.

This morning, you came in and I said, "Happy Birthday!"  After coaxing you into bed (MaMa Norma was asleep in the sunroom and you were dying to go wake her up!), I asked you if you felt any different now that you were four.  You rubbed your hands all over your face, and said, "Yeah, I do!"  Then you asked me if you hair was different, and I told you nah, it was still the same. 

A little while later, as I was looking through pictures to add to this post, you came in and I said, "There's my big girl!"  You looked yourself up and down and said, "No, I'm still teeny!"  That's true, I told you.  Then you pulled your hair in front of your face and said, "But my hair IS different."  You know what?  As long as it took you to get that hair, you CAN call it different now, if that's what you want!

That's life with you, my teeniest sweetie.

You are amazingly strong-willed and clever.  And incredibly beautiful, if I do say so myself.  As for smart?  Smart doesn't even begin to describe how smart you are.
But you still barely sleep.  I can literally count on one hand the number of two consecutive full nights of sleep that I've gotten since you've been born.  Even last night, at 12:15, you cried and cried.  Bad dream, I guess.  I kept going in and checking on you - making sure to tell you Happy Birthday first, of course - then I took you to the bathroom, then back to bed where I had to go back again to get you to stop crying.  I think you likely have a very active nighttime imagination.  Especially since I see every day the incredible imagination you have when you're awake.

You are my little buddy.  Most days, it's just you and me here, and while you miss Isaac and Sophie terribly, I love those special moments with just me and you.  Like when I take a break to come sit with you on the couch, where you've pleaded, "Mama, come cuddle with me!"  It's a request I find awfully hard to deny. 

Okay, to be perfectly honest, I find most of your requests awfully hard to deny.  You tilt your head and bat those big green eyes, then smile that irresistible smile, and we all melt.  Especially Bub and Sissy, whom you have wrapped around your fingers tightly.

As a matter of fact, today you told us over breakfast that you were going to change you name.  Now that you're four and all, you can do so, you tell me.  I queried as to what, and you told me, "Rainbow Love."  I personally would be SO COOL with that, but unfortunately, your father would not allow us.  If he would have, then when Isaac first suggested that we name you Rainbow, that's what we would have gone with.  Apparently when we told you that story several months ago, it stuck with you.  Rainbow came from Isaac's suggestion, and I'm sure Love came about because it's Sophie's middle name, and you think anything she does is AWESOME.  Right down to deciding what you want to eat according to what she wants to eat. 

You are our family's little sunshine.  You are truly phenomenal.  Hilarious and charming, ornery and wild, and worth every lost minute of sleep and then some.  You are my lucky little star, and I love you so very much. 
Happy Birthday, little darlin'.  I hope it's everything you've dreamed about and more!

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