Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Even worse than I had imagined.

Today was Izzy's first day of preschool....and it was horrid. One hundred percent awful. It started off with Chris thinking I had the keys on the front porch where I was trying to get a picture of Izzy in his first day of preschool clothes. But I didn't. And he locked us out. Luckily, however, he managed to break back in and we were the second family to get there.

Izzy was so excited walking in and hanging up his back pack. I was feeling a little teary as we started to leave. Then Izzy started crying and screaming, "I no wanna stay! I wanna go home!" So I started bawling. Total mortification. We ended up going in the hallway to see if he could calm down without us. After about 15 minutes, Izzy was smiling and playing. He was so cute, flashing that big smile at every kid in there. Me?? I calmed down after about an hour.

I don't know when I've become this big mushy gob of sappy goo. WHO AM I?? Ugh. I don't cry often at all, and certainly not in front of people. But it was the first step of my first baby into the big scary world. First time that I've abandoned him with strangers. His sobbing made me literally sick to my stomach. It was a very tough morning.

We headed to Kroger and I was able to use my coupons in peace for the first time in a long time and that was nice - saved $40!! Came home and put it all up and headed back to pick him up. That was pretty exciting! All the parents were waiting outside the door where we're supposed to wait and then the kids all lined up on the other side of the windows. It was so cute. The door opened and the teacher looked at out, looked back at the kids and said, "Isaac - here's your mom!" Yep. He was the first one out. I told Chris while we were shopping that at least me and Izzy made an impression on them so they wouldn't forget us, and I was, indeed, the first one that she remembered. Acting insane has it's advantages. Plus, now all the other mom's will want to leave the crazy mom alone. *sigh*

As we were driving away, I had Chris go around the block so that I could go back in and ask the teacher how it went. I asked her, "Was he good?" She smiled and said, "Oh, honey, I'm sorry, but he wasn't." Double ugh. She said he wouldn't sit in his seat, wouldn't listen to her, was very defiant, and spent two minutes in time-out. I'm sure that none of this surprises any of you either. I told her that I was fully aware that he's a very active and hard to handle sometimes and to feel free to call me if there was anything in particular I needed to work on him with. As if I haven't already been trying to for the last three years, but anyways.

Oh, and his height? About a head taller than all the other kids. Apparently the older class was in the room too during orientation when I thought there would be other big kids. The good thing is that there was no bullying, rough behavior out of him. At least not any that she reported to me.

So here's to Thursday...and the hopes that we both do much better.


Tracey said...

Oh how heartbreaking is that?? I'm sure that Thursday will go much better, now that he has an idea about what to expect. Poor Izzy, and poor Mommy. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be bawling on Jake's first day, but I've got a couple weeks to worry about it.

Maisyday said...

Just throw him in the class on Thursday and run...think that'll make it better? :)