Friday, August 25, 2006

Waiting for the laundry.

*YAWN* Even though this is about the time I normally get to bed (1 a.m.), I have to stay up tonight so that I can get my new shorts in the dryer so that I can wear them tomorrow. We're heading up to move my sister to a fancy shmancy new townhouse. I think she'll be a lot happier, and it should be an enjoyable weekend.

I spent part of my time waiting tonight ironing Izzy's shirt for his first day of preschool, which is Tuesday. How in the world can he be old enough to be starting preschool??? He really is becoming such a big boy. As his ability to accurately communicate with us increases, his sweetness factor increases exponentially. Wrapped up in all of the frustrated wildness is a heart of gold. I really have a fear that he'll lose that specialness once he starts school. I don't want him to be like every other kid out there, even if it means he behaves better.

For instance, Sophie was having a fit the other day, so Chris put her in her crib so she could calm down. We'd tried every other method to get her to chill, but I had dared to take her yogurt from her so that I could use the spoon to feed her. Anyhow, she's screaming and Izzy's sitting quietly at the table eating his dinner. He says, "I think baby's hungry!" He takes off running to her room and shuts the door. I follow right behind him, and I carefully open the door just a crack to peek in. I see Izzy dancing like a maniac in front of Sophie's crib. Sophie sees me and screams even louder at the indignity of my peeking at her in her distress, but Izzy doesn't realize I'm there. He puts his arms at his sides, makes fists, shakes all over with pretend anger and yells at Sophie, "Stop crying and laugh at me!!" Seriously, how cute is that?? Then he gets one of her books out, climbs up in the rocking chair and opens it and begins to "read" it to her, saying, "Once upon a time..." I ran and got Chris and we took turns peeking at Izzy being the most awesome big brother I can imagine. He really is a very special little boy, if I say so myself. ;-)

Of course, he can be a turd too. I wore the purple shirt again that I wrote about a few posts ago, and as soon as he saw me, he said, "I no like that shirt. It make you look goofy and ugly." I have no idea where he gets this from, but it cracks me up for two reasons: one, that he's so serious insulting me, and two, that he has such strong opinions about a plain purple work-out shirt. That's twice now that I've been told it makes me look goofy AND ugly.

But today I went shopping with Micki and bought some new clothes. Can't go around looking goofy and ugly ALL the time, you know. The dressing-room lady gave me a big room, so I took Izzy, Sophie and Noah all in with me. As I tried on clothes, I asked Izzy if he liked them. He actually liked the ones I liked, and disliked the ones that were too small *sigh*, not to mention that he was thrilled to death that I got his opinion. Chris, by the way, thinks I'm insane for letting a three-year old dictate my wardrobe. But for now, he's making cool decisions. I'll not, however, leave the house wearing a Batman costume. Anyhow, one of the things we bought today was a new dress. It's brown and has a cool riveted belt that I'm not really sure how to wear. And, best of all, it was clearanced for $6. Go Cindy, go Cindy!

I tried it on for Chris tonight and Izzy was playing in the bedroom while I was changing. I get it on and I asked Izzy how I looked. He said (and I swear this is the God's honest truth): "You look pretty - you look like a princess!" How could a mama not melt? I felt like the most beautiful fat hillbilly princess in the world!

I have had a blast so far being the mom to these two kids. They are wild, insane, and irresistible. I feel like we're just getting to know Sophie now as her personality becomes more and more vivid every day. I honestly think she has enough personality for ten kids, and I'm not saying that as a compliment. She's a mean little critter. But she's adorable, so she gets away with it. She's big into wearing hats, bracelets and purses right now, as well as Izzy's underwear and any piece of random clothing so can loop around her head.

Tonight she and Izzy had a screaming contest in the car on the way home from dinner with my in-laws. She'd scream, he'd scream, then they'd crack up laughing. It was hilarious! There's nothing quite as special as watching your kids enjoy playing with each other.

Well, my dryer just went off, so you all are, literally, saved by the bell. I'm off to fold laundry - have a great weekend, everyone!!

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