Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Helloooo, preschool.

When I wrote about Izzy's first day of preschool, Blogger was a little screwy and I couldn't get the pictures added, so here they are now. Better late than never, right??

Here's my little man walking away from his mom and dad:

Izzy proudly hanging up his super-cool backpack. You know it's cool because I hate it.

And here is my handsome little guy in his first day of preschool clothes. I ironed this shirt twice and I had Chris iron it once. I'm pretty sure of two things: 1. I will not ever pay this much attention to a single shirt of Izzy's again; and 2. No one noticed what he had on, much less that it had been ironed (albeit poorly).

Never in a million years did I think Izzy would start preschool wearing big boy clothes. He's already outgrown all the toddler sizes, leaving 5T's in the dust. Doesn't he look like such a grown-up little boy now?

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Maisyday said...

He does look like such a big boy! Little did you know that the rest of the morning would go the way it did. :)