Friday, September 01, 2006

Baby Yin and Yang.

Izzy generally LOVES his baby sister. For instance, we were at Grazianos the other night and there was another three-year old there, and he and Izzy started playing. Sophie wanted to get in on the action too, so she ran over. The little boy started to chase her, growling, when Izzy ran up behind him, pushed him, and went, "GRRRRRR." It's okay if he growls at Sophie, but other little boys best mind their manners around her.

But after tonight, he'd probably give her to him. He was laying on my bed and I went in and laid beside him. Sophie has a jealous streak in her, so she got up on the bed too, and wedged those little toes in between the tight little crack between my chest and Izzy's, until she was able to squeeze in between us. Izzy kept picking her up and putting her on the other side of him, and she kept screaming and coming back. Me? I was loving that they both wanted to be beside me for a change.

Then as Izzy was once again flopping her across him, she bit him. Hard. Kind of on his underarm. He screamed and I quickly sat Sophie down on the floor, because I could tell he wasn't just putting on an act. He then did that silent scream, which he almost never does anymore. While he was doing it, he was trying to mouth to me that she'd bit him. It was so pitiful. Poor little guy just looked heartbroken.

After he'd calmed down, he looked at me with those tear-swollen eyes and said, "Let's take that baby away." I couldn't help but smile a little - this is the first time he's EVER not wanted her around. "Take her away? Where should we take her?," I ask. "Let's take her to Mama Norma's," he said.

At least he didn't say to the baby pound.


Kimberly said...

Awww, poor Izzy! I know about the jealousy thing though. It goes around here too.

MaMa Norma said...

Poor Izzy! Tell him to pack her things up and I'll pick her up or he can come if he wants to. LOL