Sunday, August 13, 2006

This kid keeps me on my toes.

Last night we were all down in the playroom, well, playing, and I was growling and lunging at the kids from inside my lair (Sophie's playhouse). We were having a blast and Izzy kept pretending to be more and more scared until he actually was a little bit scared.

He'd walk up real slowly to the door or windows of the playhouse and I'd sit perfectly still looking out the corner of my eye until he almost within reach and then I'd growl as loud as I could and reach out my arm like a cat scratching the air. I was thinking "monster" as I performed madly, but Izzy picked up "dinosaur." That was cool.

He ran up to the playhouse, started waving a pointed finger at me and, in a voice tinged with terror and excitement, screeched, "You be nice now! Nice dinosaur!" I continued to growl and swipe my mighty claws at him, when he found the words that struck the dinosaur straight to her heart: "Play nice! You my mommy! You my MOMMY, remember??"

Ouch. That kid has a way with words, doesn't he?

He also has a magical smile, I swear. This morning, Chris scrambled six eggs while I was in the shower. He went ahead and fed the kids each two eggs a piece and sat the pan with the other two eggs on the back burner of our counter-top stove. See, that's an important detail to this story, for a counter-top stove is higher than a normal stove. At least ours is.

He sets the eggs in front of the kids and straps Sophie in her highchair and then walks through the house looking for Sophie's missing sippy cup.

I'm out of the shower at this point and putting on my clothes, so I follow him through the house and see each kid happily eating their eggs, only Sophie appears to have a big lead on Izzy for his plate is still half-full of eggs while hers is nearly empty.

Chris walks on into the kitchen and starts laughing, and says, "I'm not sure what happened, but the eggs I had left on the back of the stove are now missing."

Izzy looked up at me and flashed that million dollar smile. I cracked up and asked him, "Izzy, did you get those eggs?"

"Yes," he said very seriously, "I need those eggs, so I got those eggs." Somehow he managed to get the pan, put the eggs on his plate, put the pan back on the back of the stove, and put his plate on the table all without making a bit of a mess.

Smiling little egg eating maniac.

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