Sunday, September 17, 2006

A couple of cute ones for you.

It's late and I'm tired, but I wanted to get a couple of cute stories written down before I forget them.

Cuteness #1: Yesterday evening, Izzy walked over to Chris holding an apple in each hand. He held them up to Chris's face, one beside each cheek, and said, "Mickey!" As in mouse.

Cuteness #2: A couple of weeks ago, we were all sitting on the front porch and Izzy fell and scratched his knee. He jumped up and then started hopping about on one leg, while holding the other in his hands and moaning and groaning that he needed to go to the hospital. Sophie watched for a minute, then she started hobbling around too, grabbing at her knees, stretching her little neck out and grimacing for all she was worth. It was hilarious!

Cuteness #3: When my Chris's dad found out about us being called in to talk to the principal of Izzy's preschool, he very seriously told me MIL that it was probably because Izzy was so smart and they wanted to discuss moving Izzy up to kindergarten. God, I love that man. His PapPaw is likely the only person on earth that would think that - like Chris said, everyone needs someone in their life that thinks that highly of them.

Cuteness #4: After our meeting with the principal, we took the kids and went to Quaker Steak and Lube for a late lunch. While I was waiting for my yummy salad with boneless chicken wings drenched in hot sauce, I was entertaining Izzy. I turned a paper coaster over and wrote his name on it: I S A A C. Then I handed him the crayon and told him to draw an "I." He very carefully drew a circle and put a dot in the center of it. I asked him what that was and he drew another beside it and said, "Eyes!" But of course! Then I went off and left the coaster behind. *sigh*

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