Monday, September 18, 2006

Is there any better location for pictures than a playground??

We showed the house today and Chris was at the doctor when the call came, so I had to rush around like a maniac to get the weekend cleaned up. Seriously, every single weekend our house gets trashed. Both kids were miserable while I ran around cleaning and yelling at them. I really feel bad for them. Izzy was trying to be good, but in between being good, well, he wasn't. It was a difficult few hours. Chris arrived home right before it was time to go, so he helped clean the kitchen and out the door we ran.

We backed out of the driveway as the realtor and her clients pulled in, so we just went to a little park about a 2/10 of a mile away. The kids had a BLAST. I hope you enjoy them enjoying a last burst of summer:

Times like this are simply magical.


Maisyday said...

What did you do with the dogs?

Love the pictures, btw! :)

Ray said...

Great pictures! i love the one with Sophie at the opening and Isaac standing there.