Monday, September 11, 2006

I am bitterly engaged in battle.

I'm fighting an ant invasion of mythical proportions. My weapon of choice? Orange-scented glass cleaner. I get one attack beat back and then there's another.

Every spring we have a few ants in the kitchen, I set out a couple of ant traps and boom, they're gone. But I have fought them off and on all summer this year, and for the last two weeks, it's just been nuts. We've had a lot of rain, so I guess that's bringing them inside.

The first swarm was in the bedroom. Then the living room. Then Izzy's room. Then the back porch, and now, the kitchen. It's insane.

I think that Chris is secretly working with the ants to drive me crazy, because he's thwarting me at every maneuver. The porch invasion? Caused by two bags of trash being set right outside of the back door, rather than around the corner, in cans. A hundred thousand ants gave their lives in that skirmish. The bedroom invasion? Evidence is not conclusive that this was the main factor, but Chris was supposed to clean yogurt out of the windowsill (placed there by Sophie) and I found some left behind. Tonight, during the kitchen invasion, I spied a completely open bag of marshmallows left on the counter. Granted, the bag was on the opposite end of the counter from the main front, but still. Although I actually think this particular invasion was due to a Ring Pop left on the counter, by Chris's wee minion, Isaac.

Our manor is being defended by a lone warrior, and a warrior that has a serious bug phobia at that. It's enough to drive me to drink.

Except that I'm now afraid to go into the kitchen.


Maisyday said...

Formula 409--far superior to your orange scented glass cleaner.

From one entomophobian to another.

micnoddle said...

Quit being a weeny and just smash them your finger. Not what I did of course but still. Set little cups of vinger were you see them. They can stand the smell and will leave.

micnoddle said...

with your finger

MaMa Norma said...

It's beginning to sound like you need to move out. Or get rid of kids with stickiness around.

Meredith said...

Phil comes from a long line of "meh...bugs" in his family, seeing as how they hail from Peru where spiders are the size of small rats.

I, for one, HATED all the ants in our old house. I used to use whatever spray I had around, mostly Raid Home and Garden. Phil didn't understand why I was so squeemish about them. Ick.