Friday, September 22, 2006

If God is an ant, I'm in big trouble.

Let me tell you about my morning. I get up and head to the shower and Sophie wakes up. I sigh and go get her, and put her in the shower with me. After a few minutes she starts screeching and I look down and she is indignantly pointing to her own pile of feces. I get out and get toilet paper to clean her and the shower up, then I disgustedly finish my shower.

I get my robe on and walk out of the bathroom. Izzy excitedly points to my vanity mirror, a lovely antique, and says, "Look Mommy! I put your stickers on your mirror!"

I'm doing this three day a week contest for my gym, and my team is the scarecrows. Today is team spirit day, so I have to wear a scarecrow so I bought a large sheet of Halloween stickers that had two scarecrows on them. I took one and turned it into a pin to wear and left the rest of them laying on my dresser. They are no all over my mirror.

I couldn't get mad because Izzy was so excited, so I just said, "Yeah!" Then he sadly says, "I thought it would make you happy." I just told him that I was going to give the stickers to him. Which is true.

So I bring the kids in the kitchen to feed them and I smell a terrible smell. I look all around to see what animal has had an accident when I realize Sophie has pooped again. I set Izzy's cereal in front of him and go change her.

Bring her back and we all commence eating. Shortly thereafter, Sophie spills her entire bowl of milk all over her and the floor. As I'm cleaning it up, Izzy sees it and says, "Bad baby!" Sophie gleefully starts chanting, "Badbadbadbadbadbad." Izzy says, "That's right, you bad baby!"

I turn around from cleaning everything up and I turn on the computer because I just have to get this all out. I glance over my shoulder and Sophie has thrown all around the living room about half of the laundry that I stayed up until 12:30 folding. Bad baby, indeed.

She did sign "thank you" this morning. Yep, that's the only good thing she's done all day. Another funny thing happened too: Izzy went and got out his clothes to get dressed and he picked out a cute outfit - tan cutoffs and a cool "rock-n-roll" t-shirt. As he walks by me, I ask him if he put on underwear. He's not a big fan of undies. He glances back and says, "Umm, I no have underwear on right now. Maybe tomorrow."

Oh, and the ant reference? Seriously, I've killed so many in the last two weeks that I feel very guilty about my wrath on the ant world. I'm just saying.

I need a nap already and it's not even 10 a.m.

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Ray said...

Well, Well another couple of gray hairs,heh,heh,heh. Atleast she is not running a fever over a 100 or coughing like Izzy did. Count your blessings when things seem to be going wrong. It might suprise you how much it helps. Quit saying bad things about my precious little grandaughter. heh heh heh