Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Did you all miss me while I was gone?? We took Izzy to the zoo for the first time this weekend and had a BLAST! I think I may have enjoyed it more than Izzy, but oh well. There was a little baby chimpanzee there that was so adorable.

We went to the Baltimore Zoo, so we could see Crystal as well, and let me assure you, that second set of hands sure came in handy! *laughs at own pun*

I'm still tired from the trip though, and I have a house that just will NOT clean itself, so here's a picture or two to make up for my lack of words tonight...

Izzy in a old animal transport crate:

The whole family:

What part of the zoo brought this joy to Izzy's face?

The tram ride back up the hill. *sigh*


Maisyday said...

For the last time...I am NOT a monkey!!!! :)

Mama Luvins said...

LMAO!!!! Sorry!!

MaMa Norma said...

The middle picture tells it all. I knew you lived in a zoo!!