Monday, October 30, 2006

Had a first today.

Today my father-in-law, Mike, called me up and asked what I was doing. Told him I was getting ready to go work out, then I'd start packing. He volunteered to come watch the kids for me! So I called my mom and told her she was off the hook for today, and I headed off to the gym leaving my little guys entrusted to their PapPaw.

About an hour later I returned and as I walked in the door I saw my couch was pushed a few feet out from the wall, my baby was happily sitting behind the top cushion of the couch, Izzy was hiding behind the couch, and there were about 30 sea shells spread across the cushions.

Yep, it went waaaayyyy better than I had feared! Mike said he and the kids had a great time sitting there playing with the seashells. Thank goodness the kids were good for him, because remember - he's the one that thought when the principal of the preschool called us in for a meeting, that it was because they wanted Izzy to skip up to Kindergarten because he's so smart. (They really wanted to tell us he was a terror. Holy terror in fact. *snicker*) I REALLY want them to continue being good around him so he'll always think they're such great kids.

Now, his wife, MamMaw, loves them just as much as he does, but she's a mom. She knows they're maniacs. But just as Chris said, every kid needs someone in their life that thinks they're darn near perfect, and for my kids, that's their PapPaw.

You should have seen the smiles on their faces when I got back here. All three of them.

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Maisyday said...

Glad to hear it went so well! With any luck, maybe he will be able to help you again sometime during the move. :)