Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm worn out.

I'm just so very tired. Not so much sleepy, but exhausted. I know that the light is there and the tunnel is getting shorter every day, but that's part of the problem. Stress is skyrocketing. I'm 99% sure I'll have everything packed, but it's even harder than I imagined to pack while chasing kids and keeping up on general housework.

We're going to stay with my mom for the next two weeks. Moving all of our stuff out of here Sunday, transporting it to a storage facility, then we'll all move into mom and dad's extra bedroom. Me, Chris, both kids, both dogs and our cat. Izzy and I get on dad's nerves pretty badly, and Chris just stays irritated in general right now, so if we're all still speaking when we move into our new house around Nov. 20, it'll be a miracle.

November is going to be a very difficult month.


Anonymous said...

It'll work out. Even though your husband stays irritated, he still thinks that you rock.

Anonymous said...

OK Here's what's going to happen when everyone gets on everyone's nerves. Dad can go to his room, lock the door and watch his TV. You can do the same except no lock. Poor Chris will have to sit in the car or go to Micki's. It may be a blessing if no one is speaking by the time you get in your house. But keep in mind, if I'm not happy, no one can be happy! LOL