Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My life is about to get more challenging.

There's change afoot here in this household. For some unknown reason, Izzy has started moving a spot down at the dinner table. His entire life, he's sat beside me, but lately he's been sitting either a seat over, leaving an empty one between us, or at the end of the table. Weird, right?

Then yesterday evening, Sophie screamed and cried the entire meal and would NOT eat a single bite. I took her out of her highchair and she ran over to the chair between me and Izzy and ate her dinner, minus the creamed peas. Lunch today? Here you go:

At dinner tonight, she went over to her highchair and I lifted her up. Total melt down. I finally took her to her room, where I laid her down in the floor with a pillow, blanket and her baby. I told her she could come back to dinner when she calmed down.

I left and a few seconds later she was right behind me. She fussed until she got back to the dinner table, then she went right to the chair between Izzy and me and climbed up. She sat and rocked her baby for a while, then carefully laid the baby beside her plate, draped the blanket around her shoulders and over her head like a shawl and proceeded to eat her dinner. Except for the leftover creamed peas.

Picky little diva.

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