Saturday, December 09, 2006

More cuteness from Izzy.

Izzy has really been on a roll lately with being very sweet and endearing. I sooo hope he keeps moving in this direction. Makes him a lot easier to handle when he's bouncing off the walls like a lunatic.

We met Chris's mom and dad at Grazianos's tonight and Papaw Mike gave Izzy a few quarters that he used to buy a little plastic Care Bear. Long story short, Sophie ended up with it, so I begged some more quarters off the doting grandparents and Izzy bought himself another one. He was carrying it around in it's little plastic bauble and looking at all the toy machines when a cute little girl with long blond hair, looked to be about 5, but much shorter than Izzy, walked up and started turning the dials.

First she asked him if he had a quarter and Izzy turned his pockets inside out looking for one. "No, sorry, I got no more quarters," he tells her. I was walking towards them then, because with Izzy being as big as he is, we keep a close eye on him around other kids. Then she asks, "Can I have your Care Bear?" Izzy looks at his hand and back at her and I'm pretty sure he would have handed it to her, but evil mama stepped in and I told her, "No honey, that's his toy."

We walked back to the table and Izzy said, "But I want to buy a toy for my friend!" I saw another quarter hidden behind the machines, so I got it and gave it to Izzy and told him he could buy her a ball with it. He gets it and finds the little girl and proudly holds it out to her. She's clamoring after some quarters from her mom, so she only half pays attention to Izzy. He says, "Isn't it pretty?" But at this point, she's got the quarters, so he walked away with a new ball of his own.

We left the pizza parlor and headed out to do a little light Christmas shopping. I was pushing Izzy in the cart and he was yelling and carrying on when we rounded a corner and he saw a four or five month old baby sitting in a cart wearing a little white bonnet. Izzy said, "Oh, look, mommy, what a pretty baby." I agreed with him, then we paused for a second to look at her. Then as we started to walk away, he raised his voice to the little girl's parents, and said "You have a pretty baby!" Both of the young parents smiled and the mom said, "Thank you! You are a handsome little guy yourself!" I'm pretty sure that made their night, and I know it made mine. I hope Izzy never loses his gentle nature.

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