Monday, December 11, 2006

Stupid #$%*% ISP.

I'm hoping that the problems are all over now, but I haven't been able to get online for the last couple of days, and only intermittently for a few days before that. I swear, I've felt like a junkie without her hit. Okay, maybe not that bad, but it has been irritating.

Especially today, when the kids were driving me up the wall. I was SICK this weekend and still feeling a little crummy today, and kids are little predators that can sense that and know when to attack. I miss being able to go to work when I don't feel well.

But my work is here now, and here I stayed today...screaming. And screaming. With a little yelling thrown in there for good measure. Poor kids. They're not feeling good either and both of them react to illness by making sure they use up every tiny smidgen of energy they have. Madhouse doesn't even begin to describe our day.

When I worked, I never got annoyed or short-tempered with Izzy, because every moment I had with him, I treasured. Of course, I started staying home when he was 18 months old, so maybe he just hadn't had the chance to show me his true colors yet. Adding Sophie to the mix....well, I didn't have any gray hairs before I had kids.

Not to mention, it's also too easy to get overwhelmed by all the housework when you're a SAHM and end up taking time away that should be devoted to your kids. Chris gets irritated if he has to pick up anything of an evening, because he says he wasn't here to make the mess. I don't make the messes either, but man, oh, man do I ever pick them up. The same ones. Over and over and over again. I do a total toy sweep about every two hours, and that's just to keep it looking clean enough that the authorities aren't called in. Currently, most of the kids' toys are packed, which does help, I guess. But they find new and different things to get into every day.

Today, for instance, it was unwrapped Christmas presents and every shoe in Sophie's room. She was even pushing her sandals under the door when she was supposed to be taking her nap.

I still wouldn't trade this gig for anything, but days like this....well, they're just not fun for anyone involved.

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