Monday, January 22, 2007


First, my apologies for my unusual absence from blogging. We decided to really put our hearts and money into some minor renovations that will hopefully get this house FINALLY sold. We started this last weekend, because Chris was off Monday and Tuesday. We finished it late last night, and we're thrilled. There's still some trim to paint and what-not, but the major stuff is all complete. We started with ripping off the crappy old wallpaper in the dining room (well, painting it first with Kilz, and then ripping it off once it bubbled):

Then we painted it what I thought would be a medium grayish brown and ended up pewter (but I still love it!):

Then we moved on to the master bathroom. Here's the before:

And the after, which included a pale whitish purple paint on the walls, a new sinktop, painting the cabinet bright white and putting new hardware on it, and installing a new medicine cabinet and light fixtures:

Before I show you my next project, let me tell you what happened yesterday. Izzy was going to the bathroom while Chris was in the shower and as he tried to get the toilet paper out of the wicker tube (which I'd wedged in behind the etarge to keep Sophie from dragging it and the plunger all over the house) he accidentally pulled the whole thing over on himself. He was fine, but about $150-$200 worth of nick-knacks that I'd stored up on top of the etarge to keep safe *sigh* were not. Including the commemorative Blenko vase we'd bought when Sophie was born. *SIGH* Such is life.

On to the final room of our grand makeover week - the living room. Before:

And after:

The color for the living room is called Scroll Beige and it's a shade lighter than the "Fauna" in the dining room. Were I to do it over, I'd use it in the dining room, and get a shade lighter for the living room, only to make it appeal to more buyers. What REALLY sucks, is that is what I'd originally had the guy mix up, then I looked at the samples he'd rubbed on top of the can and decided they were too light. If I ever choose the perfect color, I might have a heart attack.

Anyhow, it looks so much better in here, and far more sophisticated. The darker, more formal colors help to ground our modern furnishings (i.e. green and purple sofa) so that they don't jump out at you quite as much. I really do think we'll sell much more easily now. I hope.

So let's flash to today now, why don't we? WHAT??? I don't blog for a week, then you go getting all huffy because I post a long one?? Just save the rest for later, then. Sheesh.

Anyhow, Sophie threw up twice last night (first time event for us) and then was lethargic today and wouldn't eat. Her body kept feeling hot, but our stupid piece of crap ear thermometer wasn't going above 99.9. After her nap, Chris got her and they just laid in a chair together for another hour. He told me she was a little hot, so I felt her, and she was burning up. Used the ear thermometer again - 102.8. I went and got the rectal thermometer and it was 104.1. I got pretty frantic, because she was so listless too, and her eyes looked terrible. By the time we got to the ER/Care Center 24 it was 104.4, and they took her straight back.

They gave her some more ibuprofen (it had been right over six hours since we'd given it to her, and three since she'd had Tylenol), put in an IV, took blood to culture, did a nasal swab for RSV and the flu, took chest x-rays (she has a horrible raspy cough) and CATHETERIZED her for a urine sample. After all of those horrible nasty tests and many, many hours, the doctor tells us she's negative for everything and her lungs look fine. By this point, her temp, which had dropped to 100, is back to 101.5 and climbing and she's listless again. He was leaning towards admitting her, but they called our ped. and he said to switch her antibiotic from amoxicillan to biaxin and take her on home. The asthma doctor put her on amoxicillan for a sinus infection, and she's been on it for about 10 days now.

By the time we get home, an hour and a half later, her temp is back to 103.8. Doc said as long as she's not out of it, not to bring her back. After today, I'm not looking to bring her back anytime soon anyways, thanks.

It's now 12:30 and she's due her next dose of Tylenol, so I'm off to try to grab a little shut eye with my hot little sweetie. The one who curled up on her own bed at midnight after coughing so hard in bed with Chris that she threw up a little bit. I gave her some cough syrup, but I hear her coughing as I type this. With any luck, she'll be feeling much better tomorrow, and I'll be able to finish the touch-ups on my projects. Cross your fingers for us!!

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