Monday, January 22, 2007

Sophie is feeling a little better today.

She slept until about 9:30 after a very long night of coughing every few seconds and throwing up twice from coughing so hard. She was parched, so after she drank about 6 ounces of water, I went into the bathroom to get the medicine dropper for her Tylenol. She followed me and started tugging at her diaper, so I took it off and she pointed at the toilet and demanded, "Up! Up!" I sat her up there and she peed! I just opened her first box of size four diapers and it's going to be the last. Next we'll move to pull-ups, and hopefully not many of them. Izzy was really fairly easy to train, so maybe she'll be even easier.

Anyhow, then I took her temp and it was 102.8. We went and laid back down on my bed and she brought the blankets off her bed and cuddled underneath them, against me for about a half hour, which is about the time it took for the Tylenol to start bringing her fever down again.

When she was feeling better, I took her and dressed her in some comfy clothes and asked her if she wanted to eat. She said no, but I fixed her a small bowl of cereal just in case. She played around the kitchen for a while, then she climbed up in her highchair and gobbled up her cereal, then at Izzy's whole bowl of cereal as well.

After breakfast, she wanted to sit on the potty again, but this time nothing happened. Then she took off all of her clothes and brought me her brother's swim trunks. At this very moment, she's playing under the over turned clothes basket with Izzy, wearing only bright orange swim trunks and with her little tuft of hair standing straight up. It's good to see her almost normal again!!!

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