Monday, January 22, 2007

Sick baby update.

Doctor called tonight and it's pnuemonia. *SUPER BIG SIGH* What really sucks is that this really supports the asthma diagnosis, because every cold and virus ending up as pnuemonia in a toddler is the number one symptom. She's feeling pretty crappy tonight, so here's to a better tomorrow, right?

A quick funny about Izzy: I'd already brushed his teeth the other night when he wanted a drink of juice. I told him fine, but he'd have to brush his teeth again. He drank his juice then asked me, while I was getting Sophie in bed, "Mommy, can I go brush my teeth now?" Sure, I told him, knowing full well that his toothbrush has been moved to the top of the medicine cabinet to protect it from Sophie. I meet him in the hallway a few minutes later and I ask him, "Did you brush your teeth?" Yes, he told me, stretching his smile tight to show me all of his teeth. That's the first time he'd done that, so I obligingly laughed. Then I said, "I know you didn't brush your teeth yet, because your toothbrush is too high for you to get." Without missing a beat, he says, "Oh yeah, I used my finger," and he pantomines brushing his teeth with his finger. I crack up laughing, and as I walk him back to the bathroom with me, I ask him if he's lying. He smiles and says, "No!" Then I ask him, "Was that the truth or a lie?" "Lie," he says, smiling. Little turd.

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