Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moving on.

Tomorrow morning...oh, first, let me apologize for my erratic posting as of late. I somehow keep forgetting to post until it's too late, and with the impending move, I don't expect it will get any better.

So tomorrow morning, the buyer and her home inspector are coming at 9, and they want me here. That freaks me out a little for many reasons. I'm afraid that she'll notice something she didn't see the first time she came and she'll yell and scream at me. Not that I'm afraid of being screamed at, but because I will get angry and when I'm angry, I say stupid things. And by stupid, I just mean plain ol'stupid, not stupid in that it could get me in trouble. Nope, I just sound ig.nor.ant. Even worse than normal.

In fact, my dad called me tonight to give me a lecture about unselling the house by pointing out every minute flaw. So we compromised and I promised not to mention that I think the utility room needs painted, but I will make sure that she's noticed there's a patch in the living room floor from when the previous owners relocated the furnace return. We love this little house and I want the new buyer to love it too, which she'll have trouble with if she walks in and is disappointed.

Speaking of moving, we haven't found a place yet, again for many, many reasons, so it looks like we'll be camping out with mom and dad for a couple of weeks. Dad and I both have strong personalities, so we're likely to clash, over, say the thermostat setting. Mom or Dad neither one can visit us for a half hour without complaining over how cold we keep it.

Then the in-laws are sure to feel slighted, even though it's not reasonable in the least to expect Chris to add an extra 45 minutes each way to his already three hour daily commute.

But really, I think it will be a lot of fun to stay with mom and dad for a while. It'll be like camping out. Chris will be a butt about it all, I'm sure, but maybe he'll surprise me and try to make the best out of it. At any rate, it's soooo nice of mom and dad to offer us a room, because we'll be making a major impact when we move in two adults, two kids, two dogs, and a cat and the various clothes and toys and such that we can't live without for two weeks. Whew. I wouldn't want to be them!

Wish me luck tomorrow. I really should just tape my mouth shut.

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