Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It all went well today. I met the buyer and her big-time lawyer father, as well as her Home Inspector and Termite Inspector. I asked her how it all went, and she said, "Good - we're happy!" So hopefully that means she's not going to walk away like our last buyer. I really don't think she will. She really seems to like this house, thanking me for it, in fact, and she told me today that she asked for the March 19 closing date so she can be all moved in by her daughter's first birthday at the end of the month. How sweet is that?

This evening I was standing in the kitchen and Chris reached out to give me a big hug. As I stood there in his embrace we talked about....what we needed from the store. I realized how crazy it is to be having such a normal conversation when we have 19 days to get packed and out of here. I drew back from Chris and I said, "It's really going to happen now, isn't it?? How nuts are we to stand here acting like everything is all normal?"

I think I'll clean up everything really well tomorrow and go through with the video camera and maybe take some pictures too. Then I'll start packing - again. We're going to miss this little house, but like Chris said tonight, we'll be happy anywhere we go as long as we're all together.

Even if we just go the four miles to mom's back bedroom.

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