Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our progeny.

Izzy had me running on a wild goose chase this morning. He races into the kitchen where I'm cleaning up from breakfast and he says, "I can't find my Spiderman toy! Where is my Spiderman toy?" I tell him to go look in the living room because I think he means the Superman toy Chris gave him last night. He runs in and looks and comes back to me very angry and tells me that he can't find his new Spiderman toy.

I follow him back into the living room where I see his Superman toy beside Sophie's Weeble People castle. I point it out to him and he crosses his arms over his chest and says with irritated disgust, "That's not Spiderman. That Superman." I tell him I don't know what he's talking about then and I ask him what it looks like.

He says, "It's red and blue and has a mask." An angry disappointed look comes over his face and he says, "I don't have a new Spiderman toy yet." This kid has convinced himself that I am keeping back a cool Spiderman toy and that if he yells at me about it enough, I'll hand it over.

He has his father's paranoia and belief that he's never wrong, coupled with his mother's temper and hard-headedness. Maybe he'll be president someday.

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Social Work Dad said...

Any chance of you posting a photo of the weeble castle? Weebles were my favourite toy until I was about 4; I didn't know you could still get them!

I've recently become something of a 'stay at home dad' with our soon to be 3 year old daughter, so I sympathise with the goose chase. Do you find that your little darlings sometimes want something but they've no idea what?