Thursday, February 15, 2007

As per "Social Work Dad's" request:

Weebalot Castle!

Here's a link to it on the web: Weebalot Castle.

They have it listed for $39.99. I got it at Target (after Christmas sale) for $8.74. SCORE!! That's why she got such a big gift for Valentine's Day. That, and I was too excited to play with it to keep it until her birthday in April.

BTW, those are Little People Izzy has playing in it. The actual Weebles are really, really cute though!

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Social Work Dad said...

Wow! That is so cool! And.... weebles wobble....but they don't fall over!

I'm sure toys have got more interesting since I was small. There is still far too much plastic crap though; most of it seems to relate to movies or TV shows... still, I collected Star Wars toys so I can't complain. I had a fabulous weeble playground; my mum used the roundabout for an egg rack once I'd stopped playing with it! Remember - repair, recycle re-use - she was ahead of her time! (Adorable brood by the way!)