Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This is dedicated to Crystal.

A few years ago, long before Izzy was born, Crystal lived with me and Chris for a few months. Or maybe a few weeks. I can't really remember. But I do remember that she would come home and we'd all sit around trying to decide what we wanted for dinner until Chris and I would end up eating a sandwich, or our usual, a bowl of cereal. It drove Crystal NUTS. After a while, she started cooking dinner most evenings just because we irritated her so badly by taking so long to decide.

Flash forward to last night. I hadn't fixed any dinner because I thought our realtor was going to show up at any minute to talk over the offers and I didn't want to have it get cold or have to be cooking while he and Chris talked (ended up talking it over on the phone, so it was a moot point anyways).

Chris and I are talking and we notice Izzy busying himself in the dining room. He has brought a bowl of plain leftover penne and put it on the table, along with a bag of deli turkey, a bag of deli salami, a handful of snack cheese squares, and four bananas. He put four spoons in the bowl of pasta and put four forks on the table, then he called us all in to dinner!!

He carefully made us all sandwiches of wheat bread with a slice of salami, a little bit of turkey, and a single noodle.

It was honestly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. He's a really sweet, thoughtful and hungry little guy.

Tonight I again didn't fix dinner because the realtor was actually on his way (papers signed and it's all official now!!!) so Izzy excitedly ran up to me when he got hungry and said, "Hey mom, do you remember that delicious dinner we had last night? Can we have that again??" He was so sweet and earnest - it was adorable. But instead I fed him a blueberry bagel, a rice cake, a banana, and a bag of Yogos to keep him and Sophie quiet while we went over the paperwork with our realtor. But don't worry, I went out when the realtor left and picked him up a kid's meal. A great kid like him deserves a treat every now and then, right?

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Maisyday said...

I swear, your kids couldn't be more like me if I had planned it!!!! Gotta love those guys!!!!