Monday, March 19, 2007

All of our stuff is - FINALLY - in storage.

This was truly the move from hell. We got a 26 ft. truck - the biggest that U-Haul has, and the guys moved the boxes I already had packed into it Friday night, then Chris hit the sack. Got started early Saturday and the truck was completely full by noon. They go to the two storage units we had and filled them completely up. Brought a partially loaded truck back to find another, bigger storage unit. Found one, and loaded the truck up again. Again, COMPLETELY full! TWO 26 ft U-HAULS packed to the roof!!

By the time the second truck was loaded, it was 8:30 p.m., so we decided to risk paying for the truck another day and call it a night. Sunday morning, dad and Chris met his dad at the storage unit and unloaded the truck, and I went to the house to finish gathering things up (it's unreal how much stuff is left after "everything" is packed) and clean. While I was there, the buyer came by for her walk-through with her mom, daughter, and realtor. No one told me they were coming for sure, so I was a mess, but the house was pretty much all clean, thank goodness. That all went well. She told me she was happy because she only had to paint three rooms - she told me the kitchen, which is wall-papered (good luck with that!!) and I'm sure one is the master bedroom, which is just white and needs painted, and so I asked if she was painting the blue dinosaur room. *sigh* She is, of course. I figured, but I hoped not. That was the first room we redid after we owned it (we rented it for three years before the owner would sell) and I was pregnant with Izzy at the time. Two shades of blue walls, and gorgeous dinosaur wallpaper border - that set us back $60 a roll. But it was PERFECT. C'est la vie.

It took us until 8:30 last night to get everything done, and all the trash carried out. We ended up with about 20 or 30 bags of trash. Crazy huge pile of refuse. It's amazing the kind of crap that I'll keep laying around just in case I might need it.

Tonight we're headed back over for the last time to pick up my three large pots of plants and to sort out the pile of things I left in the garage - some will go to the church rummage sale, some to the Salvation Army, and some will likely go into the trash. Then we'll cross our fingers and hope that closing goes off without a hitch.

Things are going great here at mom's so far. Everyone is sleeping good, but that's likely just because we're all so tired. We have several carloads of things stored here, too, and all of our china is at my sister's house. We'll need a semi when we find a house to move to. But part of the relocation package Chris got was movers. Yippee! Unfortunately, we had to be out of the house before relocation kicks in, but hopefully they'll move the things out of storage for us.

It feels GOOD to have that over with. In fact, it wasn't nearly as hard leaving the house as I thought it would be, for two reasons. 1. That was a horrible couple of days and I was happy to leave, and 2. Without our things and our family in it, it wasn't home anymore, but rather just an empty house.

I hope that the new buyer and her daughter will make it a happy home once again. I really think they will.

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Undercover Angel said...

Moving is always a big undertaking. I hope things are still going well at your mom's, and I hope you guys are able to find a place soon. You guys are so lucky that movers are included in the relocation package!