Monday, March 26, 2007

Yet another house update.

Well, things are going pretty good here. We've settled into mom's back room quite nicely, and we're hot on the new house trail. We've found a couple of top contenders, so I should be posting here soon about our fabo new house.

The kids seem to be making the adjustment a bit more slowly. The day that Chris and I headed up to Charleston to sign the closing papers, Izzy was over at my sister's house playing and as he saw us start up the street he panicked and ran to the van screaming and crying. We told him we had to go out for a little while, but he'd be fine. My sister got him to calm down by offering him a snack.

The next morning, the poor kid woke up and as he laid there snuggling down in his twin bed across from our double, he looked up at me so sadly and asked, "Do you remember when you and daddy left me? Because you didn't want me?" I guess it's not a big leap in his mind between leaving all of our stuff and house behind and leaving him behind.

But bit by bit, it's all coming together. Before we know it, this blog will be all about my kids again. Is that a collective sigh of relief I hear?? I FEEL your pain!

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