Sunday, April 01, 2007

Day two of the house hunt.

Yesterday was another full day of house hunting. We're torn. There are a lot of great houses in our price range, but none that have everything we'd love to have. Huge yard? Check, but there's a couple of rooms we don't want/need (formal dining room, formal living room). Tons of bedrooms? Check, but there's not much usable yard. Gorgeous piece of property? Check, but the house is pretty run down.

Weird houses? Oh we've seen a BUNCH of them. We saw one last week that was filled with hundreds of porcelain dolls, including two very formal rooms with only dolls in them. And a little boy lived at that house too. Then there was the house that hadn't had a thing changed since the 70's, and everything looked brand new, like a swinging bachelor's pad. Or maybe we'll go for one of the last houses we looked at yesterday, that had wood paneling on the the walls of the formal living room as well as wood tiles on the ceiling...oh, and a 8 or 9 room catacomb-like bomb shelter under the house.

Mom and dad came up and looked a few houses for the second time with us, and they brought the kids up with them. Izzy and I like the same house the best. It's six bedrooms, and a brand-new construction. Suh-weet! When we asked him why he liked it better than the others, he said because of the the steps. He's keen on having a "tall" house - a second floor. Truthfully, so I am. But we keep swinging back to the very first house we saw, which was built in 2003, so it's practically new as well, and has gorgeous maple floors and hickory cabinetry. But it's a ranch, which has it's pluses, of course, but Izzy and I sure would be sad about not having steps.

This is a giant decision. As house buying is for most people, of course. We want a house that the kids can grow up in, having a blast, so a decent yard really is high on our list. But I would love, love, love to have the house with three bedrooms downstairs, for us to use, and then three upstairs for a guest room, and offices for me and Chris. That particular house has a really large landing at the top of the steps as well, that we'd put a couch and some easy chairs in, and use it as a playroom that would be comfy for me and Chris to lounge around in as well.

Decisions, decisions. I keep hoping that we'll just walk into a house and I know that's the one, like I did with the one that we "bought" in Parkersburg and then lost when the deal on our old house fell through. Now, I am very, very happy that we won't be moving to Parkersburg, but I do wish we'd find a house that I liked as well as I did that one. I love many of the houses we've looked at in Beckley, but none of them have felt as perfect as that one did.

Of course, that big ol' in-ground pool had a lot to do with that. *sigh*

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