Friday, March 02, 2007

I poo!

Tonight I told Sophie to come to me to get undressed so she could go pick out her pj's. She ran to me, then ran to her room and grabbed her jammies and let me put them on her. Then she ran off to the bathroom. Our nightly bedtime ritual is to brush her teeth and set her on the potty. Frequently she pees.

Tonight I put her up there and she sat and sat and sat, playing and laughing. I took her off and she pointed to it, scrambled back up and said, "I poo!" So I sat back down on the edge of the tub and waited and waited. Nothing.

So I put on her diaper and handed her off to Chris while I put Izzy to bed.

I'm sitting there playing with Izzy when Sophie runs in and hides beside his wardrobe. Chris follows, carrying a pull-up, and tells me that was her last diaper (we've been using them at night because she pees through the pull-ups frequently), and I realize that she pooped. After trying to tell me that she needed to.

I tucked Izzy in and went into Sophie's room where Chris was changing her. I told her that I was sorry I didn't listen to her, but the next time she needed to poop, just to tell me 'I poo' again and I'd take her. She jumped up and said, "I poo!"

I thought, crap, now I have to go back and sit and sit again, so I took her back. She played and laughed, and I hollered to Chris, "Do you think there is any chance at all that there's any poo left in her?"

As he says no way, I hear little plops. SHE TOLD ME SHE HAD TO POO AND SHE DID!!! IN THE POTTY!!!

You should have heard all the singing and clapping Chris and I did tonight, as the three of us happily watched little turds swirl down the toilet.

Parenthood brings all kinds of new joy to your life.

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