Thursday, March 08, 2007

Point of Clarification

When I go back to work, here's what will change:

1. I will only be doing half of the cooking.
2. I will only be doing half of the laundry.
3. I will only be getting up in the night half the time with the kids.

Why am I here again?

Okay, I don't really need an answer to that, because I know. But perhaps the threat of having to do half of the laundry is enough to get the other adult in this house to actually put his dirty laundry in the basket, rather than, when he sees that the basket has turned over and spilled out, simply adding his clothes to the pile of clothes strewn about the floor.

Alls I'm saying is if Daddy loves his dinner so (see post below) then he best be putting his dirty clothes where they belong. Hrmph!

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Social Work Dad said...

Since becoming a stay at home dad I have taken over the household responsibilities as my wife has returned to work fulltime. (My blog and hers - - explain why!)

That said, I appreciate that if she sees something around the house that needs doing she will do it rather than leave it for me. And she does tidy up after herself!