Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another little glimpse into my daily world.

Today I was laying across the bed reading (Naked, by David Sedaris - I highly recommend it) and came to the end of the chapter, so I decided to arbitrarily go wake up my baby. I've taken to waking Sophie up after she's napped for a hour, hour and a half, because she's taking so long to go to sleep at night.

I walk to her doorway and I yell, "Wake up!" She rolls over and smiles up at me. Chris runs down the hall to save her, and as he reaches for her, she squawks at him and rolls away. Izzy runs in the room, and seeing Sophie move, he collapses into a compact heap on the floor and tells us that he's a pillow on the couch, to hide from Baby.

I said, "You're a pillow?"

"Yeah," Izzy says, "I can turn into anything."

"How about a chair?," Chris asks.

"No," Izzy says, "I can't do that."

"How about a couch?" I asked.

"Umm, no," Izzy said.

"So you're really just a big fat liar!" I say, and Chris and I start laughing.

"Well, I can only turn into a pillow," Izzy said. "Oh, and a stick."

He stretched out across Sophie's rug, arms stretched out tight against his sides.

"I turn into a stick when I want some peace and quiet," he said.

But of course.

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