Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ready for the horse food factory.

Let me tell you what my dogs have done in the last week. It started off with puking on my new silk comforter. Which we got so cheap, it was crazy to dry clean it. But we really should have. Then they puked in Sophie's room. Then it was a big wet spot on the newly washed, shrunk, and faded silk comforter, a spot consisting of spit. I hope. It's downstairs awaiting it's second wash in a week. I'm all giddy with delight thinking of how it's going to look next.

Then today it was two gigantic piles of dog crap on the only expensive rug we own. Which they then tracked around the playroom. I come upstairs to send Chris an e-mail telling him to bring home a strong friend to help him bury these two dogs, when I see Izzy stand up from rolling around on the rug with a small yellowish-green stain on his shirt, and yep, they'd puked on this rug while we were out too.

They are bad, bad dogs.

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Micki said...

Maybe they are just feeling your pain and puking with you!!! ;)