Thursday, June 19, 2008

Might this be the last post before I have the baby?

Who knows?? I'm betting yes though. My blood pressure has continued to raise over the last week, hovering around 159/97. My guess is that I'll either be induced or sectioned tonight. I could say c-sectioned, but somehow just saying sectioned sounds as horrific as I think it is.

Anyhow, I head off to the doctor here in a little while for another ultrasound and check-up. The best outcome would be that the baby is still doing great and my cervix is changing and they let me stay pregnant for a while longer. No, wait. The best outcome would be that my water would break up there on the table and I'd pop this little sweetie out in about 15 minutes.

Yeah, that would rock. Wish me luck!


ldyalivad said...

Best of luck Cindy, I am hoping for the for the 2nd scenario for you!! I simply can't wait to see pics of the new darling and I can't wait to hear her NAME!!! You are about to join the secret society of "Moms to 3 kids" woohoo! Hold on to your hat girlfriend!!!
Best Wishes!!

Mcnoodle said...

You know why she said hold on to your hat? Because with three kids you pull all your hair out!!! LOL