Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wild duck.

My neighbors currently have a wild duck somewhere in their backyard. They're keeping it. Why? Who knows. We asked them if they had a duck and she said yes, then told Izzy that they needed to take it to their farm. TAKE IT ALREADY THEN!

For the first few weeks, the only sound we heard out of the duck was the occasional loud quacking sound when we'd go outside. Almost sounded like it could have been the dog that they keep in a pen, playing with a toy.

But now, around dawn every morning, this duck starts bleating. It's a most annoying sound. I'm sure it means that it's sick and tired of being trapped in these people's back yard somewhere (still haven't seen it), and while I certainly don't blame it, I do wish it would shut up already.

At first I thought it was one of the kids crying out weirdly. And since then I've thought it was the weird wheezing sound my lungs sometimes make when I can't draw in proper air. Most disconcerting.

Why do people feel the need to keep animals in cages in their back yards? Where's the draw in that? If you want a pet, fine, but don't keep it trapped far away from human contact. Especially if it's wild!

You never know when there's a grouchy pregnant woman getting ready to go Rambo on those cages and liberate them all. Sheesh.

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Audra said...

you so wouldn't make it in my neighborhood Cindy. Our neighbors have chickens and goats and all sorts of farm animals. I swear to you the chickens are after me too