Sunday, June 01, 2008

Officially NINE months pregnant.

Know what that means? THIS BABY HAS TO COME OUT. Ugh. UGH UGH UGH. No matter how she exits my body, it ain't gonna be fun.

So I have, at the extreme, three and a half more weeks to be pregnant. Because of my previous c-section, they won't "let" me go past term. Because of how tired I am of being pregnant, I surprisingly have little problem with them telling me what I can do with this big ol' body of mine.

Are we ready? Getting there. After two solid months of constant bitching at Chris, the crib is finally painted. It's not actually put together, or in their room yet, but it's painted. Heck, I even got him to paint Sophie's bed today too. Of course, it's also still in pieces in the garage and she's currently sleeping on her mattress on the floor. Fingers crossed that she's not still sleeping there when her sister decides to make her appearance.

Speaking of whom, we're all getting terribly anxious to meet the little newbie. Chris came home from work to keep the kids for me during my appointment this week, for I've now entered the baring-the-nether-regions-during-every-single-appointment stage, and I REALLY don't want to scar my kids for life, so Chris will be taking about an hour off each week until she pops out.

I get home from the appointment and Sophie races to the door excitedly, then her face falls when she sees me: "Where's the baby?," she asks.

"Still in my tummy," I tell her.

Sophie screams in fury at me, runs down the hall, slams her door, then throws it open again to scream at me, "I not love you anymore now!," then slams it shut again.

I tried to assure her that could I go to the doctor, have the baby, and be home again in less than an hour, I truly would, but she wasn't buying it.

Really though, I can't wait to see her reaction when her sister gets here. She'll be so terribly excited at first, but I'll be shocked if a bit of insane jealousy doesn't show itself as well. Izzy's reaction will be interesting as well, for he's learned from Sophie how to channel the green-eyed monster too. You should hear the fights over who's mommy I am. Being the awesome mommy that I indeed am, I tell them that I'm not either of their mommy and they have to call me Cindy.

Just imagine, in less than three and a half weeks, I'll be corrupting a fresh new mind!


mcnoodle said...

HURRY UP!! I want to meet her too!!!

MaMa Norma said...

I'm so anxious that I get butterflies thinking about you either pushing or being cut. Been there, done that and didn't particulary like either one but I did like the end results from pushing and still do. hmmmm must be brain damaged! LOL