Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I miss Izzy. :(

Today was Izzy's first official day of school. We (me, Chris, and Izzy) went yesterday morning for a Kindergarten orientation thing, but it was only an hour, and the parents stayed with the kids the whole time.

Izzy not sitting on the floor for the story yesterday because he was bored and hot.

The teachers practically begged us to send the kids on the bus today, and after seeing how long Izzy clung to us when his chair was three feet away and he was surrounded with friends from preschool, I knew it would be easier for both us to have to say goodbye quickly as he boarded the bus. Plus, as Chris said, the closing of the bus door would be sure to snap the ol' umbilical cord. Ouch.

So this morning we all got up early, had a nice breakfast, and loaded up in the van to escort Izzy down the hill to await the school bus. He was so excited he was quivering.

The bus comes into view, Izzy gives Chris a quick hug and we all get out of the van. Izzy then bolts for the bus, but stopped when Chris yelled for him. Chris then walked him up to the bus and as he asked the driver what time Izzy should be there waiting and when he'll be home, Izzy walked back a few rows and sat down beside another little boy.

As I stood there taking pictures, both boys looked out the window. I waved and they both waved back. It was too cute, then I saw Izzy say, "That's my mom." I'm praying the inflection wasn't threatening.

The doors then closed and the bus pulled away. My little boy sat happily looking at the other kids on the bus and never glanced back at his mom and dad. I've never been more proud. Or melancholy. But I didn't shed a single tear until the bus was down the road - I was scared to death that I was going to start boo-hooing as soon as I saw the bus, but I made it until Izzy couldn't see me.

I hope the bus ride lived up to Izzy's excited expectations, and I hope the whole day goes even better than I think it will.

And I hope Izzy's not missing me at all.


Maisyday said...

I teared up just reading about it!

mcnoodle said...

Way to go Cindy!! I knew you could do it!!

MaMa Norma said...

He sure is a handsome little guy. OK I teared up reading it but I'm old and grey so I'm entitled.