Monday, August 25, 2008

I think I need to turn the TV off a little more often.

Izzy just ran into the sunroom all breathless and says, "Mom, we need to get Pancake Puffs! They're now available everywhere!"

"What?," I asked, not quite understanding.

"Pancake Puffs! They can be for a snack, a dessert, or breakfast and kids love them!"

"Pancake PUFFS?," I ask, still trying to figure out what he's saying.

"YES," he yells. "And no more delivery pizza - you can put pepperoni right in them!"

If the Pancake Puff Pan makers have any sense, they'll snatch this kid up to do endorsements.

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Heather said...

My kids are all about the pancake puffs...I should have had a video camera on them for their reaction the day my sister told them she, indeed, HAS a pancake puff pan. OMG, they have never been so excited as to actually EAT pancake puffs. Oh, and they got theirs at Bed Bath and Beyond, so Izzy is right they have them everywhere now, not just on TV...
Myself, I want a Bullet!