Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cuppa Joe

I rearranged the sunroom last night, like I do about once a month, and I set up a little spot to have my morning coffee. I used an antique sewing machine, that had been serving as my desk, as the table, and two old chairs from Chris's grandmother.

Chris made coffee this morning, so I made mine, in my dinosaur mug, of course, and sat down to enjoy the lovely morning. Izzy asked Chris to make him a "cold coffee" which is about a teaspoon of coffee and the rest milk, and then he pulled up a chair. Sophie came in and pulled up a little rocker and Chris brought her a cup and joined us with his own Snoopy mug of coffee.

It was such a sweet family moment that I remarked aloud how I wish we had a live-in photographer who could take a picture of the four of us. Chris said, "We have Suzi!" I started laughing and said we could introduce our family as, "Izzy, our oldest, Sophie, our middle child, and Suzi, the family photographer." Meanwhile, she sat sweetly in her bouncy chair at our feet, poor thing, not having a clue at all as to what kind of family she's been born into.

Then the moment ended and Chris walked away. The children had finished their cold coffee, so I told them to take their tea cups into the kitchen.

"Anytime we use this table," I said, "We always have to clean everything up really well when we're done."

Izzy picked up his cup and said, "Isn't that what you all do?"

Yep, the moment had ended alright.

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