Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bluestone Camp & Retreat

Our old church holds a retreat every year at Bluestone Camp & Retreat, in beautiful Hinton, WV, and we always try to go. It's a peaceful, breathtaking place:

We had a BLAST. The last time we took Izzy and Sophie, Izzy was two and Sophie was just a few months old, so they didn't remember it, but they loved every minute.

Well maybe not every minute. See the railing below that Sophie is leaning against? Chris and Izzy were laying up there when it fell off. And Izzy came tumbling down. Luckily, all he got up with were some very icky bruises.

Poor kid had a rough day that day. He also fell down the steps leading up to the bunk bed and later fell off a swing. That evening, just adding insult to injury, Izzy had been patiently waiting his turn to hold Suzi, as she was busy enjoying being passed around and around and around, and less than two minutes after getting her, he nodded off.

The whole day wasn't a lost cause, though. We took a big hike through the woods, scaring me half to death thinking about one of the kids rolling down the hillside into the ravine, but the kids had a great time, especially with their fearless PaPa Ray.

When we were resting after the hike on Saturday, shortly before Izzy fell off the top bunk, Sophie looked up at Chris and said, "Daddy, thanks for bringing me camping." Truly, it was a wonderful, wonderful weekend. (And mom - thanks for coming up here and watching the dogs for us!)

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