Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

What a terrible title, I know. But my mind just hasn't been with me lately. I blame the wee demon who ends up sleeping between Chris and I every.single.night. *yawn*

But this morning we got up to a lovely five inches of snow. When the sun came out and I stopped stomping around and pouting about not getting any sleep, Chris decided to take the kids out to try out their new round disc sleds. (I always called these toboggans, but Chris tells me that it's just not so.)

I watched them walk out the door as I was left behind holding the baby. Then I decided to heck with sanity, and I put Suzi's snowsuit on her and sweats on me, and out we went.

It was AWESOME. I hadn't been on a sled in probably 15 or 20 years! How unreal it is that I can say that. Anyhow, Sophie asked me to go down the hill with her shortly after I got outside, so I sat down and she sat on my lap, and off we went. We were FLYING. Apparently, all of this extra weight propels me at some truly UNGODLY speeds on a sled.

I threw Sophie off, then tried in vain to stop with my feet and when that didn't work, I laid down flat and threw out both arms and legs and finally swerved to a stop. It was so much fun! So much fun, in fact, that I decided we were ready for the big hill.

Chris was in the house wrapping the baby up in an extra blanket so the kids and I made our way around the house. I nearly had a heart attack getting there, for the slope below our pool is extraordinarily steep, and there's only about two feet to slide on by before dropping off.

But we made it. Izzy took right to the big hill, but Sophie and I were a little timid. We went down the top part of the hill a couple of times, then I talked Sophie into going down the big hill. She did great, but once she was at the bottom, she couldn't make it back up.

Chris had already gone in with the baby by this point, and Izzy was getting tired climbing back up the hill over and over, so I bravely took his flying disc and zipped down the hill to save my baby girl. I nearly took her out, but I managed to somehow throw enough of myself to one side to get the disc to change paths, and I came to a safe stop about two feet away from the neighbor's brick garage.

Sophie cheered for me and we started back up the hill, two sleds in one hand, and Sophie's hand in my other. We slipped and slid and about half way up, we had to start crawling, but we eventually made it to the top, where Sophie cheered for me once again.

And where I had to sit down for a good five minutes to see if my heart was going to explode out of chest or not. Luckily, I managed to get my second wind, and we went around to the front of the house where the slope is much more manageable.

I plopped my butt down on the sled once again and made the kids a nice track to fly down, then I took a seat on the rocking chair on my porch. That's when I realized that I had almost as much fun watching the kids slide down my homemade bunny slope as I'd had hurtling myself full force down a steep hill.



Anonymous said...

Way to go! I want to do it too!!

Anonymous said...

If anonymous is who I thing it is, he is too old to be doing stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

There will be little kid in me till I die!!!

paw-paw Ray