Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love me because I'm awesome!

I just received what is sure to be the first of MANY blog awards, no wait, make that the first AND second of many awards for my clever and insightful posts kids. Okay, maybe these will be the only two I ever get, so a giant THANK YOU to Stacey at High on the Hog and Heather at Read My Mind. You two are to be commended for your fabulous taste!

Now as the proud recipient of this award, it is my solemn duty to pass on the flame to five of my favorite blogs as well. Here are my choices:

The Optimistic Amateur by Tracey

It's Lovely, I'll take it! by Sara

Raise Place by Ray

Michael Ian Black by Michael Ian Black

And finally *insert drumroll*

The Tale of the [Not So] Shrinking Boobies by Audra

Some of these people are my friends, some are famous, some are funny, and some are my dad. Okay, just one is my dad. Enjoy!!

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