Monday, January 12, 2009

Motherhood is making me soft.

I am an unabashed flaming, bleeding-heart liberal. But my heart has been tugged a bit towards the right not once, but TWICE this week.

The second just happened a little while ago. President Bush was having his most likely final press conference and I was listening to his opening remarks as he's basically bidding the press corps farewell. He speaks of their long history together and of his respect for them, then he says, "At times, you've misunderestimated me." The hard core liberal in me rolls her eyes just a little(okay, a lot), but the weepy mother in me just feels bad for him.

The first instance, however, that I felt kindness towards one of my arch enemies was far more shocking. Ann Coulter, who I believe just may be the devil incarnate, was on the Today show last week. I had just sat down to nurse Suzi and flipped on the TV to catch some news, but before I could turn the channel, I saw Ann Coulter. Now, as a proud card-carrying memeber of the left, I am required to intensely dislike that woman, but luckily, she makes it awfully easy to do just that.

When I saw her, I paused to see what sort of venom she'd spew, because gosh golly, righteous indignation is fun! She delivered, but then at the end of the segment, Hoda Kotb, who'd already made it pretty clear that she is not a fan of Coulter either, said, "Can you stand up for one second? Just stand up for one second.."

Coulter said, "I am not standing up." Hoda said, "You are too thin!" Kathie Lee Gifford, who I can not bear watching either, but because she's annoying, not evil, said, "Don't sexualize the woman!" Hoda said, "I'm just saying..."

That was insanely rude. I was just as offended as if I had been a guest on there and Hoda had told me to stand up to show everyone how fat I am. It's not only rude, but demeaning as well. I'm all for demeaning Ann Coulter, but do it based on the ignorant things she says for attention, not on her physical traits. Doing so makes people, even people who CAN.NOT.STAND her like myself, feel sympathy for Coulter, and that's just...icky.

Next thing you know, I'm going to develop a crush on Rush Limbaugh.


BlueSunshine said...

*Smacks Cindy* *Smacks her again* There. Whew..

Anonymous said...

I think she should crawl in a hole and pull in in with her.I agree with you on what Hoda said to her, even if she is a skinny bitch with a capital "B".


Anonymous said...

It's not bad to feel sorry for the IGNORANT people around us.


mcnoodle said...

LOL I knew you were still in there Cindy! Motherhood may have made you soft but I knew my sis was still in there somewhere!

Denise said...

LOL! If you develop a crush on Rush Limbaugh, I may very well disown you as a friend!!! :-)