Thursday, March 05, 2009

Looking forward to being committed.

I am so very tired. So tired, in fact, that it shouldn't even be called tired anymore because that's like calling my botched c-sections boo-boos.

None of the children slept well last night. Miss Suzi is close to being put up for adoption, as a matter of fact. No, not really, but only because she's so cute. I don't know how she can survive on so little sleep. Mom says that I didn't sleep as a baby either, but I also didn't SCREAM LIKE A BANSHEE ALL FREAKING NIGHT LONG. She'd come into my room and I'd be laying there smiling and playing.

Too many more nights like last night, and that's how I'm gonna be all the time. Just laying in my room smiling and playing.


Mcnoodle said...

"try to send me off to rehab I said......OK"

Crystal said...

On days like this, try to look at your last post and remember how much you love being a mom!

Mcnoodle said...

Oh yes said by someone who only loves the kids and then GETS TO LEAVE THEM. We are not saying we dont love them or love being a mommy we are just looking forward to being committed. Your day is coming dont worry!!