Monday, March 02, 2009

Indulge me for a moment, will you?

I decided tonight that rather than take my tired butt to bed, to open up the folder with the pictures of Suzi being born instead, and I have to admit that my eyes teared up a little when I came to this picture:

That's most of the immediate members of our family. I love how delighted they all look as they take their first glimpse of Suzi. I love that the nurse is just carrying her in her arms, and I really love that she stops and lets Sophie give her a little hug. I even love how excitedly Izzy's looking at Chris while he's taking the picture.

Here are Izzy and Sophie holding Suzi for the first time. Sophie is holding a fingers to her lips sweetly saying, "Shhh," and Izzy is looking at her teeny tiny fingers.

I LOVE being a mom.

I have to be honest. It's a pretty sweet life.


Mcnoodle said...

I must say you rock at the mommy job Cindy! Almost as much as I rock at the Mimi job! ;)

Maisyday said...

Just think, ten years ago you probably said you didn't want any kids, and look at you now!

MaMa Norma said...

Ten years ago, you DID say that you didn't want kids. I'm so glad you changed your mind. You're a wonderful mom and the kids are precious!