Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meh. Coulda been worse.


That's how long it took Sophie to grow that piece of hair.

Two seconds is all it took for her to chop it off.

My 11 year old niece Maddie is spending her spring break with us and she was making crafts with Sophie while I tended to the baby. Suddenly I hear her exclaim Sophie's name. All four of them. I ask, "What happened? Is somebody going to be in trouble?"

When Maddie said, "I don't know," Sophie lost it. She started crying hysterically and hid under the chairs. Maddie brought me the piece of hair and I went into the kitchen and had Sophie come out from under the table.

"Why in the world did you cut your hair?," I asked her while I was hugging her. See, I was SO RELIEVED that it was just one small chunk of hair that I found the whole thing hilarious. Through her sobs she told me that she just wanted to be like Mimi - my sister Micki, who has the kids call her Mimi, and who is a beautician. Then she told me that she just wanted short hair. "No," I told her, "You want your hair to get longer." That's when she had this reaction:

This adorable little child is one willful little girl.

With a little chunk of hair missing from the side of her head:


amy said...

Wow, you are so good not to scream at her. LOVE the pictures!!!

Mcnoodle said...

What was she thinking??? I JUST cut it YESTERDAY! all that hard work down the drain. :( Tell her Mimi still loves her but that Mimi is the only one that EVER is to cut her hair!!!

mcnoodle said...

A little piece of my heart breaks every time I look at these pictures! I just think of all that hard work and wishing that it would grow!! Then again it might take off and be down her back by the end of summer!!

Maisyday said...

It cracks me up that you grabbed the camera and took pictures instead of getting upset!

MaMa Norma said...

Poor baby, I would have cried with her. Sure glad none of you girls ever cut your own hair.