Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My niece Maddie is a saint.

The spring break playathon continues. I just put the baby down for a nap, so Maddie and Sophie came into the kitchen and dining room to play. There's a little counter between the two, which has fueled their imagination into playing restaurant. Here's the conversation I just heard:

Maddie: "Can I take your order, please?"

Sophie (as mom) : "I'd like a milkshake or Sprite please. Actually, I have six kids, so I'd like six milkshakes please."

Maddie: "Wow, you have a lot of kids. Okay, let me call the kitchen and see if they have milkshakes." Dials a play phone and says: "Yeah, we have a lady out here who wants to know if we have any milkshakes." (Hands Sophie the phone.)

Sophie (as kitchen guy) : "Um, no, we don't have any milkshakes." (Hangs up phone.)

Maddie: "I'm sorry, we don't have any milkshakes."

Sophie, sighing (as mom) : "Could you call your Sophie friend again and check? My kids really want a milkshake."

Maddie, on phone: "Yeah, this woman wanted me to check again and make sure we didn't have any milkshakes."

Sophie (as kitchen guy) : "No, we don't have any milkshakes."

Maddie: "No, he still says we don't have any milkshakes."

Sophie (as mom) : [Dramatic sigh.] "Okay, then give me six Sprites."

Sophie (as six kids in unison with very high-pitched voices) : "No, we want milkshakes!"

Sophie (as mom) : [Dramatic, annoyed sigh.] "I'm sorry, they really want milkshakes."

Maddie: "I'm going to have to call my manager."

Sophie (as Sophie) : "I'll be right back - I have to go to the bathroom!"

I couldn't see her, but I'm pretty sure Maddie wiped her brow in relief as Sophie ran off to the bathroom.


MaMa Norma said...

I love Sophie,s imagination and the voices she uses for each person. She's a genius!! Maddie is a saint! She plays good with her brother too.

Mcnoodle said...

LOL I Love that! She sometimes plays that way with Noah too. Next she will want to start making REAL stuff and start making you BUY it! Watch out!!